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Writing about a Internet Marketing University can hardly be made without looking at the time the University is operating in the market. Reputation is very important, see why.

Internet Marketing is a rather young form of Marketing, it is very easy for entrepreneurs to “build” a Internet Marketing University from scratch in a few weeks without that you will not notice this right away.

Over well written sales letters, which are made by high paid specialists, a reader get the impression that a certain product offer is a opportunity he can’t miss.

A good made sales copy is by the way one of the most important parts in Internet Marketing as it is the only thing your future client will see before he buys the offer, opt in for a newsletter or free gift, or simply leave forever.

Once again I like to underline that it is extremely important for any Internet user to make sure he collect information about the product before he buys something he “think” is a awesome chance. There are many “fake” opportunities available which you simply wont recognize by looking at the sales page. Those perfect made làm bằng đại học sites are psychological masterpieces and cash in a lot of money, principally while they are new and heavily promoted by affiliates and Joint Venture partners.

I recently analyzed three Internet Marketing University’s by myself and must say that the difference in respect to content, reputation, support, resources and last but not least – price – is tremendous.

You can spend between $40.- up to $300.- for basically the same quality. You as well can waste between $50.- or $100.- for something you could get for free as there are Internet Marketing University’s which miss to deliver to the clients what they promised and what is important for a aspiring Internet Marketer.

And this is the cost per month as all serious learning resources are membership sites where you sign up on a monthly or on a yearly base. It’s entirely up to you and your wallet to decide what recurring billing you choose..

A Internet Marketing University which really stands out from the crowd is “The Wealthy Affiliate University” from two marketing experts, called Kyle and Carson.

I have to mention that there are hundreds of un-biased testimonials available in articles and forums about the Wealthy Affiliate University at which are to 99% positive. This is seldom as at about 5 to 10% of each online sales, the client is returning a purchase due to several reasons.

OK, a membership fee cant be refunded, but you can quit immediately and if the resource is not good, ex-members will immediately communicate this over posts at open forums, social sites etc. – what is not the case with Wealthy Affiliates.

What makes this Internet Marketing University so unique is the full offer including step by step learning resources with video tutorials, included web hosting, a website builder, pre-done website templates, market research and competitor research tools, keyword tools etc. and now added, a article spinner tool which let you create unique articles in a few minutes to get traffic over article Marketing.

If you are looking for a Internet Marketing University with a complete offer, where you don’t have to spend any additional money for “this tool or that software”, then visit the Wealthy Affiliate University.

By the way, did I mention that this is the Internet Marketing University which cost less then $40.- a month ? This is the least expensive membership you can get.

I recommend you research other places, like the “Super Affiliates” from Ewen Chia, or “Portal Feeder” or others.

Just search in Google for “Internet Marketing University”, then take from the result the product name and add in your search query some like +review or +testimonials or +scam, which brings up a good overview about the real quality of a program.

My final note is that you must be prepared to treat Internet Marketing as a business before you start. It’s work. Forget the fantasy products who offer “get rich by next week”, and all on autopilot. They are a pure scam and you loose your time and money.

Even with a serious product you need to master on-line sales as the days are over where you get a affiliate link, set up a AdWords campaign linking to a merchant and start to make sales.

Welcome to the new Web 2.0, more interactive, more communicative, more informative.

Guido Mueller is a full time Marketer for over 20 years. He is part of the mentioned Internet Marketing University “Wealthy Affiliates” since 2007.

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