An In-Depth Look at Catfishing on the James River

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The ideal James River Capital to be is on the James River if you truly want to get the very best out of this great activity called catfishing. You have the opportunity to make use of all the tips and techniques that you have learned when catfishing on the James. It is located in the enchanting state of Virginia. The river is the ultimate when it comes to catching your favorite catfish and experiencing all the thrill. There are some important factors that need to be known for you to successfully catfish on the James. You want to make it as interesting as possible especially if you are traveling from afar to catfish at this amazing river.

Those that have done much of catfishing on the James know that the river does not contain all the various types of catfish. It is known to contain more of the Blue variety. This is good as they are the massive types of catfish. This is one particular reason that anglers find the river exciting. You have the chance to catch big fish whether you are an amateur or a highly experienced angler. Those that have experienced the thrill of catfishing on the James know that the norm is catching catfish that weigh fifty pounds or more!

Of all the catfish that have been caught on the river, the one that broke the record tipped the scales at an unbelievable 109 pounds and it may be your turn to break the record. However, it is must be stated that apart from the Blue variety, some anglers have reported catching other types of catfish including the Flathead and the Channel catfish. In addition to these, there are some other types of fish and those that are commonly sighted are perch, stripped bass and sunfish. Some others like the crappie and sturgeon are only sighted once in a while.

Catfishing on the James is an activity that comes with quite a number of advantages without a doubt. For someone that can be described as a green horn in the game, there is the opportunity to relate with those that are for more experienced when you get to the river. These veterans give useful tips and suggestions that can be very useful to even the more experienced catfisher. Another attractive aspect of the river is its bustling nature as there are many anglers so you always have company. The importance of the river came to the fore when it was recognized by the government as a blue catfish fishery center. This river is the place to be for those amateur anglers full of enthusiasm and eager to test their skills. The river produces at such a high rate that catching even an eighty-pounder is no longer newsworthy.

These are just some of the many fascinating features of the James River. There is also something quite mystical about it as some anglers simply find it addicting to always fish there. Thus, you can come across anglers that have spent decades on this same river catching those wonderful creatures. The river was brought to the limelight when a catfish weighing almost 110 pounds was caught in March 2011. Fortunately, the catfish population is not showing any signs of dwindling and that simply means catfishing on the James is bound to continue for quite a long time.

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