Bed Liner Liquid – Tips For Installing

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There are lots of different bed liner choices, all different kinds of liner material. But if you want a permanent, easily installed lining, try bed liner liquid.

Liquid liner material is thick, textured paint that is sprayed, brushed, or rolled into your truck bed. The different brands that sell this truck bed paint include…

And others
There are pro installers that can put your coating on for you, or you can do it yourself. There are kits available that have all of the necessary things you need for lining your new truck bed.

The paint on liner is a great DIY bed liner. Our 1980 Plymouth pickup has had a self installed Plasti-Kote bed liner on it for two years. Before we installed the liner, the bed was rusty. This is what we did to bring it around… First, we got spray on bedliner together everything that we needed to install our liner.

Bed paint
Paint roller with tray
Paint brush
Rust converter
Wire brush
Spray cans of primer
Masking tape
Disposable gloves
We used masking tape to mask along the outside of the bedrails. We also taped newspaper down the sides of the truck on the outside to keep the primer and liner off the truck’s paint.

We went over the rusty sections of the bed with wire brushes and sandpaper. This cleaned the loose rust off of the bed and roughed it up. We put rust converter on the rusty spots and then primed the bed. This is why sanding and brushing the bed was important, the primer sticks better to a rough surface. Finally, we painted the bedliner on using paint rollers and brushes. The liner was thick enough that it smoothed out well on its own.

This liner has been used for about two years, and has several small places where it has come off. Although we have not experimented, it looks like an easy fix to take a little of the bed liner paint and dab it on these places. Also, the liner would be a lot better if you bought two cans of it and put the liner on a lot thicker.

So, there’s a real bedliner installation story. If you want a bedliner for your truck, try bed liner liquid. If you want to protect your truck, enjoy a weekend project, and have people compliment you on your bed liner, why not get started?

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